Enterprise vision: to become an excellent brand in China's oil and gas pipeline industry with pressure sealing and emergency repair

Enterprise mission: committed to oil and gas pipeline construction equipment standardization and intelligence

Company values: customer - centered, employee - shareholder benefit sharing; Integrity, innovation, competition, openness and inclusiveness.

Company culture:

I. Business philosophy: Innovative development, win-win cooperation; Quality first, credit first.

2. Service concept: systematic, comprehensive and professional work; Attach importance to user feelings, worthy of customer trust.

3. Staff spirit: loyalty, cooperation, hard work and innovation.

4. Management philosophy: investigation and research, seeking truth from facts; Diligence, standards first; Don't find no reason, only to find a way to do; Those who are superior to those who are mediocre, those who are idle to abandon; Save resources, start from me; The most valuable investment is learning.